Upcoming Events
Aug 18 - Kalamazoo Regional--Bridge Center...
Aug 19 - Kalamazoo Regional--Bridge Center...
Aug 20 - Kalamazoo Regional--Bridge Center...
Aug 23 - NAP Qualifier
Sep 08 - Traverse City Sectional
Sep 09 - Traverse City Sectional
Sep 10 - Traverse City Sectional
Sep 11 - ACBL Membership Game
Sep 12 - ACBL Membership Game
Sep 13 - ACBL Membership Game

New Facebook Page

Kalamazoo Bridge Club is on Facebook! Check us out HERE!

Player News and Notes

Congratulations to Bill Northrop who has earned 3500 masterpoints and achieved the rank of Saphire Life Master! Help him celebrate at the potluck on Saturday, August 5th.


Longest Day Final Tally

The Kalamazoo Bridge Club donated $8825 to the Alzheimer's Association! Many thanks to all who contributed auction items, card fees, and donations.  Thanks also to the Bridge center for the free use of its facilities and to those who directed games as volunteers.  We especially want to thank Bill Northrop and Catherine Gay for organizing the events and the auction so flawlessly.  Amazing job, everyone!

Welcome to the Kalamazoo Bridge Club

The Kalamazoo Bridge Club, the only facility in Southwest Michigan that is dedicated to the game of Bridge, is conveniently located at 648 Maple Hill Drive in Kalamazoo, MI.  We are one traffic light east of the Rt. 131 & West Main Street intersection.

We run seven games each week which are sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. We have lots of special events, parties and a lot of good fun for all levels of experience and skill. All of our games are scored electronically and our dealing machine allows us to post hand records on our website.

We have a strong Intermediate/Newcomer program designed to help newer players improve their skills and enjoyment of the game.

While players are encouraged to come with partners, feel free to come without a partner as there is always someone to play with.

For more information please call (269) 290 - 3113 or send us an e-mail via our contact form.